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I think I was born singing.  Well, maybe not right away, but it didn’t take long.  Daddy sang and whistled all the time, my big sister sang me to sleep (although she denies it now!!), the radio or record player was always on.  We didn’t have much (Dad was a military man) but he would always spend money on books or records, so we heard the soundtrack from “Oklahoma” on…78s!  The World’s Greatest Composers, Great Operettas, Viennese Waltzes, albums of every sort found their way to our living room.  As a child of 7 or so I sat in the back of the church choir loft and watched Mr. Brown (who had graduated from the Sorbonne) direct a motley group and teach them Latin hymns– O Bone Jesu, Jesu Dulcis Memoria, O Sanctissima — and think, “That’s the greatest job in the world.”  And it is and I’ve been doing it for 35 years.  How blessed I am!

My blessings increased when I met Ruthie Rosauer and Liz Hill and heard about Singing Meditation.  To sing with others who share the joy of music; to ride the waves of sound and be lifted into an awareness of the Wholly/Holy Other; and then to dive into the pool of silence that follows to be refreshed, renewed and re-invigorated: that is the experience of Singing Meditation.  The variety of songs reflect the many trails we walk along our common route and allow us to share our similarities while we celebrate our differences.   As my friend Sister Alice says, it is a good and holy thing.


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